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What We Do

Rail Engineering Group is an independent consultancy offering a variety of services relating to traction and rolling stock engineering and operations. With many years experience, and with multiple successfully delivered projects, you can put your trust in us to deliver solutions that meet your needs in timescales to suit your project.


Rail Engineering Group is able to offer traditional engineering consultancy services including production of technical documentation and drawings, incident or failure investigations, reliability enhancements, maintenance optimisation, design and integration and support with approvals against Railway Standards. Where larger teams or specialist knowledge is required, we have a network of partners and suppliers enabling us to deliver a variety of projects.


Rail Engineering Group are able to undertake fully impartial First Article Inspection (FAI) of machined, cast or assembled components which can include visual and dimensional inspection. We can also provide a full 'paper trail' for our calibrated instruments used in inspection activities fully traceable back to National/UKAS standards. Inspections can be carried out by delivering components to us, or we can come onto site to undertake inspections.

We can also supply a variety of components to British Rail specifications and drawings using our supplier network. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Business Services

In addition to our traditional engineering services, we are able to offer support in a number of related areas, including auditing, supplier management, health and safety, project management and continuous improvement. Please contact us for further details.

Skills and Experience
  • Modification and repair procedures

  • Vehicle and component maintenance documentation

  • Vehicle inspections

  • Aerial surveys of vehicles and infrastructure

  • Quality Management Systems

  • Risk Assessment

  • Training

  • Technical bid support

  • Crash repair

  • Corrosion assessment/repair

  • Approvals (working with one of our partners)

  • Overhaul extension

  • Feasibility Studies

  • 3D Printing/Manufacture

  • ​Technical investigations

  • Component reliability Improvement

  • Design and modification

  • Maintenance optimisation

  • First Article Inspection

  • Supply of components to BR specifications

  • Supply of British Rail drawings and documentation

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